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Airport “Rīga” (RIX)

Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic States and one of the most significant air traffic hubs in the Baltic and the Nordic region, providing regular passenger traffic, freight and mail transport to European and other cities of the World. As one of additional services, in order to enable the airport to provide its customers with full amenities according to international standards, car rental services is provided.

Cheap car hire at the airport “Riga” – this is one of the most essential services that tourists are looking for in order to plan their business or leisure trips to Latvia. Convenient car rental at the airport is an important aspect also to our countrymen living, working or studying abroad, but from time to time return to Latvia in order to visit family or sorting household or but affairs. Car hire at the airport will certainly be the most advantageous and practical option visiting Latvia for several days or weeks, compared to using public transport or taxi services.

E-CAR is the best solution for such cases, because we offer the best and most competitive car rental price, clear lease rules and fair attitude towards our customers.

Book the selected E-CAR vehicle in our reservation system www.e-car.lv/, or call +371 20857777, or by writing to an email info@e-car.lv.

E-CAR car hire at “Riga” (RIX) airport

E-CAR is one of the fastest growing car rental companies, providing services at the airport of Riga, offering full service car rental service in line with best practices in this segment. Combining the quality of service with the best price policy by listening to customer desires and suggestions, E-CAR car hire at the airport “Riga” attracts more new clients.

Airport “Riga” is one of the most popular E-CAR car reception and referral sites. If customers do not have special requirements, upon arrival to airport “Riga” we normally supply rental cars at “P1 parking lot” – directly opposite the main building of the airport behind a taxi parking. Most of our regular customers use this service directly, as is verified-E-CAR vehicles will be delivered right on time, the rental price will be the most appropriate for vehicle class and year.

For the convenience of our customers, we follow the airport “Riga” information about cancelled and delayed flights online.

Fee for receipt/transfer of the vehicle at Riga airport during E-CAR car rental working hours is not applied, outside the working hours of E-CAR the service fee is symbolic – 20.00 EUR (given that often the receiving/transfer of car takes place late at night or early morning hours – when public transportation does not operate).

E-CAR car hire airport transfer vehicles to customers with a full tank of fuel. According to the rent regulations, customers must return the vehicles with full fuel tank, therefore, with the focus on the customer experience, if needed, we are ready to take over the vehicles back at any of petrol stations that are located near the airport. In addition, in such cases, without additional charge, our representative, you and your companion shall be taken to the “Riga” airport main entrance.

Book E-CAR vehicle with delivery point in the airport “Riga” and enjoy carefree holidays!

Additional Equipment

The rental price for each piece of additional equipment per day is 3.00 EUR, but no more than 30.00 EUR for the entire rental period.

baby seat

Infant seat for children up to 1 year old

baby seat

Child seat for children from 1 to 5 years old

baby seat

Car refrigerator

baby seat

GPS navigation system

baby seat

Booster seat for children from 5 years old (up to 150cm)

Auto noma

Additional Services

All prices are in EUR with 21% VAT

Pick-up Service

We offer the 'Pick-up Service' – delivery and/or return of the car to the customer at a desired location and time. The price of the service depends on the time and distance from the center of Riga city.

A zone

During working hours – 10 EUR

Outside working hours – 15 EUR

B zone

During working hours – 15 EUR

Outside working hours – 20 EUR

If the customer chooses to receive an E-CAR rental car at one of the three specified NESTE fuel stations in Riga during E-CAR working hours – the service is free. Outside working hours – 10 EUR.

Airport Service

Car delivery and/or return at Riga airport, in the 'P 1' parking area. The price of the service depends on the time you wish to receive or return the car. 'P 1' parking costs are covered by E-CAR. For a rental period longer than 6 days, the pick-up/drop-off fee is not applied during working hours.

During Working Hours – free of charge/10EUR

Outside Working Hours – 20 EUR

Evaluating each individual request, we also offer personal chauffeur and transfer services

Additional Driver

The cost of the additional service is 20 EUR for the entire rental period, regardless of the number of days.

Leaving the Baltic States

The cost of the additional service is 70 EUR for the entire rental period, regardless of the number of days.